The Grosvenor Lawn Tennis Club

Junior Registration Form

Once you have registered using the form below, all termly renewals will be sent to you via email and all
payments should be made by Online Bank Transfer (if this is a problem please speak to your coach).
Costs: Squads are paid for termly, calculated from the following prices per session £4.00 – 30 min, £5.00 – 45
min and £5.50 – 1 hour. Term lengths vary, but are run in line with school terms. Costs will be pro-rated for
new juniors joining mid-term. Juniors aged 10+ must become a member to attend squads, at a cost of £30 per
year. Junior Membership information will be sent out by Louise Mundy.

MondaySession 11.30 – 2.00pmPre-School 3-4yrsM1
MondaySession 24.15 – 5.00pm4-8yrs Red BallM2
MondaySession 35.00 – 6.00pm8-10yrs Orange BallM3
MondaySession 46.00 – 7.00pm11+ Full ballM4
WednesdaySession 14.00pm – 4.45pm4-6yrs Red BallW1
WednesdaySession 24.45pm – 5.30pm6-8yrs Red BallW2
WednesdaySession 35.30pm – 6.30pm8-10yrs Orange BallW3
WednesdaySession 46.30 – 7.30pm
10+ Green BallW4
ThursdaySession 15pm – 6pm11+ Full ballT1
ThursdaySession 26pm – 7pm13+ Full ballT2
SaturdaySession 19.00am – 9.45am4-6yrs Red BallS1
SaturdaySession 29.45am – 10.30am6-8yrs Red BallS2
SaturdaySession 310.30am – 11.30am8-10yrs Orange BallS3
SaturdaySession 411.30am – 12.30pm10+ Green BallS4
SaturdaySession 512.30pm – 1.30pm11+ Full BallS5
SaturdaySession 61.30 – 2.30pm13+ Full BallS6

Please complete and return the Registration Form to your coach.

For more information please contact : Ray Coulson 07971 410548 or

**Your contact details will only be used for GLTC Coaching and Club communication purposes**