Comptetive Tennis


Internal Tournaments

Throughout the whole year we organise internal tournaments which are open to all Full Members and Young Seniors.

These are all very popular and are arranged with a selection of structures and formats.

The main tournament is our Annual Championships. These run from May through to the ‘big event’ our Finals’ Day in early September. There are Men’s and Ladies’ Singles and Doubles events as well as a Vets Mens and Ladies Doubles and a Mixed Doubles tournament. For the doubles events partners are drawn ‘out of a hat’ usually revealing some interesting and competitive pairs. The competition is often a big talking point throughout the summer and everyone enjoys Finals’ Day.

For those who like the chance to pick their own partners there is a Masters’ Tournament in the Autumn. This is also a popular event with the finals being held in early November. There is a Men’s and a Ladies’ event and the finals are about as close as we get to an exhibition match with our best players usually pitched against each other.

To enable and encourage members to carry on playing through the winter months the committee organise a Winter Shield. The matches have a shorter format than the summer (as sometimes it’s just too cold to play for hours) but the tournament is nonetheless popular and keeps people in touch with each other. There is Men’s and Ladies’ doubles event and a Mixed with finals being played on a Saturday in late April. Partners for this are also drawn ‘out of a hat’.

League Matches

In the Winter we run one Men’s and one Ladies’ team in the Essex League and additional to these 2 teams in the summer we have Men’s and Ladies Vets in the Essex Summer League. These matches are played on Sundays

As a club we run the local Romford and District League for midweek evening matches in Men’s, Ladies’ and Mixed doubles and at a higher standard have Men’s and Mixed teams in the Brentwood League.

The teams are run on a squad basis with a range of different players playing for each team to give as many people the chance to play if they want to whilst bearing in mind the standard of the