Court Usage


Outside of Club ‘turn up and play’ social time, if you wish to arrange your own matches please look at the court timetable for slots of ‘open access’.

Courts can be booked for internal tournament matches and different membership packages offer different priorities.

In broad terms all adults have priority over the juniors, and Full Members over Transition Members. Juniors are also not allowed on the premises after 7pm or dusk in the winter and 8pm in the summer.

Generally membership numbers and the pattern of when people like to play are such that in the whole of the last summer there was only a couple of sessions when all the courts were being used and members had to wait but in the event of this situation please follow our guidance.

The Committee will monitor the level of court usage throughout the year but if you have any specific difficulties please get in touch.

Please note on the timetable not all Mon/Weds/Fri in the summer have fixtures (please check fixture schedule in the members section) but there are also monthly Ladies’ Nights and Transition Nights (these dates are also listed)

What to do if you arrive to play and all the courts are being used…

For full members

  1. Matches against other clubs or internal tournament matches should be completely undisturbed
  2. Coaching Sessions (apart from midweek afternoons) are allocated 1 or 2 courts. If no one else is present the coaches may use the other courts but if you arrive to play please make yourself known to the coaches and a court will be made available
  3. ‘Open Play’ sessions (white on timetable) Adults have priority over juniors (unless the juniors are playing a Club Championship match in July/Aug/Sept) so it should be the juniors who are asked to finish their game and either leave or join in with others
  4. Which court? Courts should be vacated in the following order, 1, then 2 then 3 and finally 4

For juniors

If you are playing and someone else is waiting please help them out if you can

  1. If you arrive and all the courts are being used you must leave all ‘adult only’ matches to finish when they are ready. Do not disturb them
  2. If you can join in with other juniors playing singles ask them if you can join in
  3. Speak to the juniors who are there. Maybe they are finishing soon so you could wait. Or you could find out who has been there the longest and ask them to finish soon. Please see if you can sort this out without shouting across the courts and disturbing everyone else

Please note any group with a junior member playing counts as a group of juniors and has junior playing rights and must follow the junior code of conduct.