Code of conduct


An aspect of junior tennis which the club is very proud of, and which is somewhat unique, is the opportunities for the junior members to use the courts outside of the coaching programme.

Juniors are given a key to the courts, a timetable for when they are allowed to play and balls are provided and many take advantage of the opportunity to organise their own play and we are proud of how well they handle this responsibility.
Obviously there are guidelines and rules and these are reviewed regularly but the youngsters have been a credit to the club and their families in how they have learnt and put into practice the etiquette of court use at a small club.

A meeting is held every April for parents about how the ‘open access’ for the juniors is structured.

Winter court allocation

Top tips for Juniors

  1. BE RESPECTFUL TO OTHER CLUB USERS Use the gate nearest the court where you will be playing. If at all possible avoid walking inside the courts behind other players. Wait between points to walk behind others playing even if you are on the path
  2. TIDY UP PROPERLY You must put all the junior balls away and check there is nothing left on the courts. There are plenty of bins for your rubbish
  3. MAXIMUM OF 4 PEOPLE PER COURT Please wait quietly if all courts are being used and do not interrupt matches to talk to players on the court. Wait to be spoken to. If you are playing and someone is waiting please speak to them and tell them you will finish at the end of the next game
  4. ORDER TO USE COURTS Please use Court 4, then 3, then 1 and finally 2. If other players leave and you can move onto Court 4 or 3 please do so
  5. FINISH TIME All juniors must leave the premises by dark or 7pm at the latest in the winter and 8pm in the summer
  6. ADULT PRIORITY If adult members arrive and all the courts are being used they will ask you to finish at the end of your next game or join in with other juniors. They will ask those on court 1, then 2, then 3 and finally 4. Please do as they ask